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Zona Health

Zona Plus

Zona Plus

An effective new medical device intended for adjunctive use in the maintenance of overall cardiovascular wellness.  Continuing with the proven results of the earlier Series 2 device we have been offering for the last 7 years, the Series 3 offers the same precise handgrip exercises as the Series 2 with many new features to increase your enjoyment.

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    Isometric Exercise Device

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    Years in Business

Nobody Is Too Weak (or too strong)

The Zona Plus contains an internal “brain” which uses a series of algorithms to calculate the exercise therapy which is ideal for each day’s session. Depending on the day, or even the time of day, grip strength changes – and the Zona Plus accommodates accordingly. Whether you have a relatively weak grip – or a super strong grip – the Zona Plus learns your strength and adapts to the user.

Let the Zona Plus Be Your Coach

Throughout each session, the Zona Plus will provide visual and auditory cues to the user, providing real-time feedback and helping the user grip the device at exactly the right pressure. By following these cues, most users have no problem staying “in range” and experiencing the results they’re looking for.

  • Weekly Progress Tracking

  • Lightweight and Portable

  • Can be Done From theComfort of Your Home

  • Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

  • Only 12 MinutesPer Day

  • Comfort Soft Touch Material

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Discover the ZONA PLUS in 60 seconds

    • 1. Initial Calibration

      At the start of each session, the Zona Plus measures the user’s Maximum Voluntary Contraction (MVC) to calculate the ideal workout for today.

    • 2. Guided Exercise

      Using a series of visual and auditory cues, the Zona Plus guides the user through the predetermined exercise, providing real-time feedback along the way.

    • 3. See the Results

      After each session, the Zona Plus provides feedback on the user’s performance during the exercise session and stores this data for over a year.

    Zona Heart Health Coach

    Your partners in health.

    Available 24/7

    All Zona Plus users get unlimited 24/7 access to their own Zona Heart Health Coach which will help guide them on their health journey.

    Learn More

    ”My Zona Health” Online Portal

    Includes Two (2) Lifetime Memberships

    The Zona Plus connects via USB to your personal computer, where you can upload your daily results and keep track of your progress.

    * Use of a computer and internet connection not required for use of the Zona Plus device.

    The Zona Plus BioHack

    The Zona Plus is recommended by Dave Asprey in his new book, Super Human.

    “You must try the Zona Plus"

    - Dave Asprey, Author / Founder of Bulletproof Executive

    The Zona Plus

    Series 3

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