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Health Intelligence™ Test

Health Intelligence™ Test

Gut Microbiome + Human Cells

Our Health Intelligence™ Test goes beyond Gut Intelligence™ to analyze how the health of your gut microbiome and digestive health are helping or impairing other beneficial functions in your body that keep you healthy including your immune system, your cellular health, and how your body is aging internally.

5 high-level Integrative Health scores (supported by over 30+ subscores) will determine your food and supplement recommendations for the next 4-6 months.

Sample collection: Stool + Blood

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Discover how your gut microbiome is impacting your cellular health, immune health, and how you're aging from the inside out.

Health Intelligence

Knowing what’s happening inside of your gut microbiome and getting the
right nutrition to optimize its functions is powerful... but imagine
being able to see how your unique gut microbiome is impacting other
areas of your health that have a tremendous effect on how you feel!

What to expect

01 Test at home

Everything you need to collect your samples at home and ship them back to us is included in your kit.

Collection method: Blood + Stool

02 Receive your health insights

Within 2-3 weeks, your health scores and recommendations will be available on your app.

03 Food & supplement recommendations

personalized foods and supplement recommendations are selected and
sorted by our AI engine to reflect what you need most based on your

04 Order your custom-made supplements

have the option to order your monthly unique formula for supplements
and personalized probiotics once you receive your results.

Pay attention to the signals your gut microbiome sends you

Eating the wrong foods for your body can result in reactions we
interpret as “symptoms”. Because no two people respond to all food the
same way, these symptoms are different in everyone. Understanding what’s
going on with your body is key to discovering what’s healthy for your

Your DNA is not your destiny

While DNA testing can tell you what might happen, your RNA,
or gene expression, can tell you what is happening right now and what
you need to do to improve it. Your gene expression has a powerful effect
on how well your body functions. Utilizing the latest mRNA sequencing
technology, Viome assesses your body’s systems to see how they are
working together and how they impact each other, which is key to
understanding more about your health and the way you feel.

our Health Intelligence™, we assesses your body's systems and their
functions as a whole, analyzing the gene expression of your microbes,
your mitochondria, and your human cells in order to get to the root of
your health issues.

  • How your current diet and lifestyle are impacting your health
  • Why you are experiencing the symptoms you are experiencing
  • What you can do about it through a more precise diet and supplement routine


A deeper look within

Explore your body on a deeper level as we uncover insights with
molecular precision about your health. The 6 Integrative Functional
Health scores below (made up of over 400 pathway scores) will drive your
food and supplement recommendations for the next 4-6 months.


Over 400 foods sorted into your personal list of Superfoods, Enjoy, Minimize, & Avoid foods

You'll receive over 400 foods sorted into your personal list of Superfoods, Enjoy, Minimize, & Avoid foods.

that may be healthy for one person can have a very different effect on
another, even in the case of twins who share the same DNA. Based on your
test results and the analysis of your body's gene expression, we can
determine what superfoods will help you the most right now and what
foods could be contributing to poor health or symptoms you may be


Supplement and probiotic recommendations selected from over 200 ingredients in your precise dosage needs.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all supplement recommendations, short
quizzes, or Google when it comes to determining what you really need.
Based on your gut microbiome, some commonly believed universal
‘beneficial’ supplements could actually interfere with how your body
operates.We assess what your body needs at a molecular level to ensure
maximum impact and precision so you get enough of what you need, and
nothing extra.

Your health, decoded.

Health Intelligence™ Test
  • Collect at home
  • Results within 2-3 weeks