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MitoPure Powder

MitoPure Powder

Increase your cellular energy by adding our tasty berry-flavored powder to your health routine. Each stickpack contains the recommended daily dose of Urolithin A (500mg of Mitopure) equivalent to 2 softgels. Mix it with yogurts, smoothies and other breakfast favorites.

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Mitopure®, an ingredient over 10 years in the making

Following a decade of research, groundbreaking discoveries and numerous
clinical trials, we have developed a powerful ingredient that’s proven
to provide incredible benefits to our health.

The proven benefits of energized cells

Our scientists continuously conduct thorough clinical studies to prove
the incredible impact of Mitopure® on human cells and reveal its full


Induces a signature of improved mitochondria*


Muscle strength increases by up to 12% after 16 weeks*


Muscle endurance increases by up to 17% after 8 weeks*


Mitopure unlocks 6x more Urolithin A than diet alone*

Your cells feel the benefits before you do

Step into the journey of Mitopure and its transformative effects on your
body. From the first hours to one year in, chart your course towards
optimal health.

Hour 08

Healthy Aging Nutrient Gets Absorbed

just begun taking Mitopure and it's already springing into action.
Urolithin A levels peak in your bloodstream, targeting key organs like
your muscles.

Day 02

Recycling is Activated

just a day or two, your cells kick-start the recycling and rejuvenation
process. Mitophagy begins its course, tagging damaged, worn-out
mitochondria for recycling.

Day 30

New Healthy Mitochondria

month in, your cells are transforming. Damaged mitochondria step aside
to make way for healthier ones (mitochondrial biogenesis) optimizing
your cellular health.

Day 60

Enhanced endurance

benefits begin to show. You’ll notice improved endurance* and VO₂ max -
a measure of your body's oxygen utilization during exercise - subtle
signs that Mitopure is doing its job.

Day 120

Increased muscle strength

months in, your muscles are reaping the rewards. You’re getting
stronger*, recovering faster post-exercise, and experiencing less
inflammation - all part of your healthier routine.

Day 365

Optimal cellular health

Mitopure journey comes full circle, marking a year of transformation.
Your body thrives on optimal cellular health and organ function. Keep
taking Mitopure for a path toward a healthier, longer life.

More Urolithin A than Pomegranate Juice**

Mitopure is the first and only clinically tested, highly pure Urolithin A postbiotic. Unlike dietary sources like pomegranate juice, Mitopure delivers efficacious levels of Urolithin A. Our clinical studies have shown 500mg Mitopure delivers 6X more Urolithin A than a glass of pomegranate juice**. Read scientific evidence